November 9th-11th, 2023 – Naples (Italy)

Current anti-HIV treatments have progressively led to optimal control of HIV infection in terms of efficacy and safety and, nowadays, front-line treatment research is focusing on strategies for HIV eradication and enhancement of the host immune control of infection. In this scenario the brain may play a role as possible HIV reservoir, where physiological barriers might limit the efficacy of anti-HIV drugs and eradication/immune enhancing treatments.

In addition, mental health is an increasingly relevant clinical issue among persons with HIV, in association with the increasing age and frequency of chronic diseases. Not only the HIV epidemics, though, but also the new COVID-19 epidemics seems to represent a current mental health challenge, with neuropsychiatric problems that might add to HIV-related problems and, on the other hand, display a novel model of postviral brain involvement.

The goal of this meeting is to update and discuss the current concepts on HIV brain infection, and the impact and mechanisms of long-term mental health issues in both the HIV and COVID-19 infections.